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Action / Adventure / Comedy / Thriller

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IMDb Rating
4.7 / 10


Uploaded By: FREEMAN
Jun 21, 2021 at 08:32 am



Jackie Chan as Tang Huating
Yang Yang as Lei Zhenyu
Lun Ai as Zhang Kaixuan
Miya Muqi as Mi Ya
Ruohan Xu as Fareeda

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Movie Reviews

U { WILL ๐Ÿ˜”โ—} Be Disappointed ...UNLESS Ur O.k With Watching { SEMIDUBBED } B-Films ; This 1 Was Created { PRIMARILY } 2 Enthrall ๐Ÿ’ฅ๐Ÿ’ฃ Viewers For Chinese Lunar New๐ŸฎYear 2020

A -{ B i g }- Screen Review, republished -Several- months after the cinematic release of the picture, as a rewrite .


"Protection Beyond Frontiers" (Vanguard Tagline).


So, as you've probably gathered by now, by way of my rather { Un }-enthusiastic title ' ; this movie, or in other words the -{ Sixth }- no less , collaboration between Chinese cinematic 'All-rounder' Jackie Chan & veteran Action-filmmaker Stanley Tong ; 'Vanguard', is { Un }-equivocally... Nothing ๐Ÿ”ด to 'write home about'. Needless-to-say, the -glaringly- obvious dubbing issues in the film tend to feel -( Decidedly )- bothersome through the -entire- course of the film. And as a result, -Many- of the film's ( frequent ) attempts at humour -{ Also }- feel cheesy, badly timed, & simply 'Perfunctory', at-Best . -{ Unless }- of course, you are fortunate enough to watch it in its -{ All }- 'Spoken Chinese' iteration... as a Mandarin or Cantonese speaker... { which the vast majority of -English- Movie Watchers here in the U.a.e, ( which is also where -I'm- based, at the moment ), are unfortunately -Not- ๐Ÿ˜” } .

And speaking -{ Of }- the U.a.e, I suppose the reason that I practically forced myself to watch -This- particular picture, would be the fact that the -Entire - final act of the film is shot in Dubai { my previous Hometown <3 , and the ' Crown Jewel ' of the U.a.e ) } , with -Several- of the "Tourist-Hotspot" sequences having been shot -{ Literally * ! }- " 7 minutes up the street " from my previous apartment. Unfortunately, However... having now 'been' to all those places featured in the movie { ( -Both- ) in Real-life, ( -As Well- ) as by way of Vanguard's 'big screen capture- of them } ...& consequently having -{ Contextualized }- their relevance to the ( Actual ) narrative of said picture ; I would be remiss to -{ Not }- point out to you that this -{ Whole }- bespoke Final-Act feels very much like a sort of promotional video for The Burj Khalifa & The Dubai Mall { i.e the 'World's Tallest Tower' & the 'World's 4th Largest Shopping Mall', respectively } ...not to mention, ( interestingly enough ), Dubai's Swat Team, & quite frankly, its whole Police-Force... as well .

But for those readers ( and writers ) amongst you who have come to -Know- , ( and understand ), my particular brand of -{ " Constructive ๐Ÿ˜‡ Only " }- Review by now : well , here's three " Really Fun Things " to look out for over the course of the movie. 1 : ' The Extensive, & -{ Mindblowingly }- Good , Whitewater Rapids Chase-scene ' , filmed in South Africa. This is, incidentally, exactly where the " Supremely Dedicated " veteran Action-star Jackie Chan is said to -{ Actuallyโ—}- have almost -Drowned- , doing his own Stunt-work, as he -Largely- does . 2 : The 'extraction'-scene, filmed in an Indian village, which features some -{ Truly }- " Dazzling " Hardcore-action scenes. 3 : A few undoubtedly -{ Novel }- ' Super hi-tech surprises ' , ( & mind you, I'm -Not- referring to the -Seriously- tacky looking fly & bumblebee drones here ) , that you will just have to discover for yourselves, I'm afraid .

Summary : I watched this film on the -{ Big }- screen because I felt like ( I ) just -{ Had }- to see our very cherished Dubai Landmarks, & City-scape itself, visually realized , " Writ Large " . Although, I want to be -{ Really }- clear in saying that ( You ) will be just -{ Fine }- watching it on Dvd or streaming it ; meaning that if -You- weren't able to catch it in the cinema on account of the Pandemic, ( Or Otherwise ), then -You- haven't really missed out , -{ At All }- . So, finally, I'm going to be as 'Gracious' as I humanly can be here, and give this picture a ' Scant , but Honest โœ… ' , 5.50 Marks out of 10 .

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Simply bad.

Bad acting, bad action scenes, bad CGI, bad story... I could keep going on. There is so much wrong in this movie that I wish I haven't seen this. What's worse is that Jackie Chan is selling his soul to the China movie factory. It really hurts his amazing legacy. So many awesome HK movies and even some decent Hollywood movies. When judging a movie I rather want to keep politics aside but its very hilarious when all those new China movies try to sell how great China is. Like when they tell a story about an activist and portrait western people as wildlife hunters but don't say anything about a lot of Chinese people buying that stuff for "health" issues. 3 stars only because there is worse. China is so desperate to show the "pretty" Chinese people in their movies that acting becomes 2nd importance.

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People seem to want too much for a movie these days this is just entertainment take it for what it is it's definitely entertaining

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Sad to see his movie getting bad to worse.

The CGI sucks big time. Lion look so fake. Even the car drift scene also fake like fark. Seriously what kind of attire Jackie Chan wearing in Africa. Lol maximum fail.

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